Durothil Faemaer

Durothil.jpg Durothil Faemaer is a 165 year old high elf sorcerer and one of the most successful elves to become a general and ambassador to the high elf council in such a short time. He commands the main elf forces on ashiir alongside danysus and plans to succeed at any cost. He may come off as quiet and usually keeps to himself on his off time, however on the battlefield he is a loud spoken and driven leader. An expert strategist and tactician he is a force to be reckoned with. With magic at his side and his fellow soldiers, he is driven to conquer ashiir and expand the elves reign on this continent.

Name: Durothil
Class: Sorcerer (Evocation, Transmutation)
Species: High elf
Size: med
Speed: 6

HP: 125

Initiative: +2
Resistance 20 fire dmg, 20 electricity dmg (Resistances come from his enchanted cloth armor)
Immune to sleep and mind control effects

AC: 23
str = 0
dex = -1
con = +1
Intel = +7
Wis = +4
char = +2

base Att bonus = +20

- Staff the ambassador, + 21, 1d8 + 18dmg, allows direct contact with the high elf council members
- Elven shortsword, +21. 1d6 + 15dmg

Spells: + 32 for spell attacks

-Acid splash, 1d3 acid dmg
-Arcane Mark
-Magic missile, 5d4+ 10 dmg (hits up to 5 targets or can all attack just one)
-Burning hands, 5d4 fire dmg
-Comprehend languages, speak, read and write all
-Gust of wind, knockdown small creatures
-Darkness, make area dark within 20ft
-Detect thoughts
-Wind wall, deflects arrows, small creatures, gases
-Fireball, 10d6 or 40 fire dmg
-Lightning bolt, 10d6 or 45 electricity dmg
-Wall of fire, deals 20 fire dmg over 20ft, pass through it and take 40 fire dmg
-Fire shield, attackers take 20 fire dmg, immune to heat and cold effects
-Charm monster, believes its your ally
-Heal (aquired via scroll) heals self or target for 10 pts per lvl, (max 60)
-Cone of cold, deal 10d6 dmg or 35 frost dmg and slow for 50%
-Nightmare, send vision dealing 1d10 dmg, fatigue the target
-Telepathic bond, link lets allies communicate
-Forceful hand, push target 6 squares away
-Freezing sphere, deal 15d6 or 60 frost dmg and freeze target for 2 rounds
-Disintegrate, disintegrate target or object
-Dispell magic, greater, has increased power from the regular spell
-Forcecage, imprison targets in a designated area
-Mage’s sword, create a floating wep that stikes target
-Ethereal Jaunt. become Ethereal for 2 rounds
- Summon monster VII
-Shout, greater, deals 10d6 or 45 sonic dmg, stuns for 2 rounds, dmgs objects
-Sunburst, blinds all within 10ft for 2 rounds, deals 30 fire dmg
-Polymorph, change object into anything else
-Hold monster, mass, hold up to any creature, large or less within 30ft for 2 rounds
-Meteor swarm, call down 2, 20ft meteors from the sky, each deal 35 fire dmg in the area, automatic hits, and knock back everyone hit 4 squares

Durothil Faemaer

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