Zilyana Ilizeiros

Zil.jpg Zilyana Ilizeiros is a grey elf ranger in the elven army. She is an assassin and prefers to work alone and away from the battlefield, picking off the lone targets. Her signature is her ebony bows, she prefers the dark coloured bow so she can hide in the trees and dense forests easier without being seen. She was once a priestess in her home city off Una Thaias but in her teen years took to her rebel side and decided to go out and learn how to use a bow as opposed to just using spells. She manipulated her way into the elven army as they did not allow many grey elves in at the time, but she had her ways and she proved she was more than just a pretty face. She took her orders and executed them with lethal precision. She has killed more Ashiirans than any other elf in the army, aside from Azazel. The two argue sometimes over who has killed more in a battle but its more of a friendly competition in a time of war. It has been said by some surviving soldiers that when Azazel appears on the battlefield that Zilyana is never too far away, both on and off the battlefield. She sees Azazel as someone who can achieve greatness and accompanies him on his path to it, wherever it may lead. She continues to obey orders from general Durothil, and plans to do so until the war is over and victory is achieved.

Name: Zilyana
Class: Ranger
Species: Grey elf
Size: med
Speed: 8
HP: 130
Ac: 28

Initiative: +2
Immune sleep effects
resistance to poison 50%

str = +1
dex = +6
con = 0
Intel = +2
Wis = 0
char = +4

base Att bonus = +20

- Composite ebony shortbow, + 30, deals 1d8 + 13
- Ebony longbow, +32, deals 1d12 + 10
- Poison tipped Elven steel dagger, +27, deals 1d4 + 15 poison dmg

Has poison, fire and electric arrows (deals 10 extra dmg of that type)

Favorited enemies: Humans, orcs, fey (humanoids), giants, dragons, +10 dmg to each

Combat style, manyshot, fire 4 arrows, each deal 50% less dmg than the first arrow fired, can hit different targets
Animal companion, can be a wolf or almost any type of bird
Tracking, swift tracker
Wild empathy, commune with animals
Endurance, immune to heat and cold effects
Woodland stride, no mov penalty in forests
Camouflage, bonus when hiding
Hide in plain sight, can hide when not behind cover

Far shot
Pointblank shot
shoot on the run, shoot mov shoot
Precise shot and Improved precise shot
Deft hands
Quick draw

1st lvl
- Calm animals
- Entangle, slow everyone in a 40ft radius
- Detect snares and pit traps
2nd lvl
- Cats grace, + 4 to dex (passive)
- Wind wall, blocks arrows, small creatures and gases
- Hold animal, holds an animal for 2 rounds
3rd lvl
- Cure moderate wounds, 2d8+10 heal
- Summon nature ally III, same as summon monster 5 but an animal
- Remove disease, cures all diseases affecting subject
4th lvl
- Tree stride, step from one tree to another
- Freedom of movement, ignore slows for 1 round
- Nondetection, immune to divination, scrying

Zilyana Ilizeiros

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