"Do you know who my father is!?"


A Human Swordsman, Son of Damysus and Kitra; King and queen of the north. Roughly 6ft1 in hight and 180 pounds, very fit and built for battle. Excellent sword technique, highly agile, dark hair, brown eyes, has a metal arm, prefers double sided swords


Tysus, born during the summer of 1251. He wanted to wield a sword and be just like his father from the time he could walk and talk. He chose to neglect the magic teachings of his mother, as well as avoiding his studies, to instead train in the training rooms with his father. As Tysus grew older and the war continued, his parents were home less often, off fighting the war, so he had some of his fathers soldiers help him train. Tysus learned how to evolve his technique, by using acrobatics and involving plenty of movement and martial arts into his sword fighting style which drastically improved his ability to kill. He is known as the Prince of the North and an irresponsible one at that, but as of recently he has been changing his ways, quitting drinking, training like he did when he was young as well as returning to his fathers army. He can also be recognised by his metal arm. His original arm was lost in a fight with Yorkax, which has been replaced by a dragonite metal arm that grants him increased strength and cant be melted, but few know of this. He plans to fight along side his father until they are victorious, no matter the cost.


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