Tes Korthi

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Born to an Elven father and human mother, Tes Korthi is a ranger, a former thief, and an exile from her native home. Her father – Taro Korthi (meaning “Walks with Foxes on the Blackened Wing”) is a member of the High Elven house of Teasen’mitore – a family known for their pride in their pure elven lineage. Her mother Lana was not Elven, but a human. The two met at one of the great bazaars held between humans and elves to support trade relations: Lana was a merchant there. They met in secret after that, both understanding the implications that came with these meetings under the fall of night. They had agreed to escape together long before Lana discovered she was pregnant: it acted only as another catalyst towards their departure. On a summer night in 1261, they fled the area, hoping to escape across the sea into Ashiir. This plan, however, was to be thwarted.

The talk of escape that the two had tried to keep secret had not missed the ears of the night-hunting members of the house, and a party had been sent out to intercept the two on their way to the coast. Upon reaching the shore – and the merchant ship that Lana had arranged for their departure – they ran into the hunters. Not wanting the risk the life of Lana, Taro gave himself up as a distraction to the party, and was captured again. The house cared little for the human who now sailed across the sea – she was nothing more than a petty thief to them, trying to steal away one of their own. Both Lana and Taro were heartbroken: he was forced to return to an unhappy life among the High Elves, who now shunned him for his lies; and she reached the shores of Ashiir weakened by the voyage and the loss of her love, without a companion in the world.

Lana eventually settled in the small city of Red Water: the closest human settlement that would take her in. Travels and heartache took their toll, though, and soon after her daughter – named Tes – was born, Lana died. With her mother dead and her father lands away, Tes was taken in by the local orphanage, and was raised by priestesses of Mira. The religion did not stick with her, however, and at the age of ten she ran away: eventually taking up with a gang of thieves within the city. From then until her twenty-first year she lived on the edge of the law, stealing for her next meal in any way possible. She knew nothing of her father until that year, when a message was delivered to her by an Elven officiate. The message spoke of her father, and how he had been searching for her and her mother since their departure from the Elven lands. He wanted to meet her. Tes was reluctant: years on the streets had taught her to trust no one. She turned down the offical’s offers to bring her to her father, and left the city.

Since that time, she has been living on her own: travelling from town to town, searching for some meaning to her life. She has been trying her best to stay on the right side of the law, taking up hunting, but her past still manages to catch up with her. Her skills as a pickpocket have not weakened over the years. Most of all, she would like to shed her past mistakes, and find another group as tight-knit as the thieves of Red Water.

Interesting Facts

  • Teasen’mitore, in Elvish, means “Trackers of the Moon”
  • Despite growing up away from her family, Tes is still fluent in Elvish (albeit a cruder verison), which she picked up from a combination of the orphanage where she grew up, and the thieves she lived with (she can also speak Common Gnome, which she picked up from a childhood friend)
  • Weapon of choice: Recurve bow

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Tes Korthi

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