"I'm only twelve!"


Abandoned at birth, Nuria – a half-demon – was left at a crossroads on the outskirts of Trona. She was discovered by a retired cavalier and his wife, who happened to own a farm nearby. They took her in, but kept her secret from the town: demons, even half-demons, were seen as bad omens. They raised her as best they could, and her adopted father taught her the basics of combat – he recognized her potential. The couple ensured that she grew up with a strong moral compass as well, so that her heritage would not define her, and so she could do good in the world. Sadly, the old cavalier passed away when Nuria was around eleven, and his wife shortly afterward. Their adopted daughter was forced to sell what little they had, and became a traveller at twelve: living off what others offered, and dreaming of one day joining the army of the North.

When she met up with the party, Nuria felt as if she had found a sort of family again. While they may not have been entirely conventional, and were, at times, downright disturbing, she knew there was a connection. And so they travelled across Ashiir: fighting small dragons, exploring underground cities, encountering “goblins,” and accusing certain members of the party of being a paedophile. Nuria acquired a Nightmare for a mount, and dressed in her signature two-foot-tall wizard hat and robes. She went from having aspirations of being a cavalier (like her adopted father) to becoming a minor Guardian – upholding her own moral code in order to protect those around her. Even when she had second thoughts about this, Nuria still found solace in the fact that Tysus had offered to mentor her as a swordsman. She had her friends close, and she was happy.

This would all change in an instant.


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