"Bugbears? Bugbears!"


Ruler of the North and General of King Ramius the 6th; A half frost giant psionic warrior who wields an ancient dragon slaying sword called Crimson Ruination. Roughly 32ft tall, 14-16 tonnes in weight and 75 years old. Father to Tysus and Husband of Kitra. Danysus is also his brother and until recently he acquired an ancient evil sword and has become an enemy of the realm.


Damysus is a giant of the frost giant bloodline. He sought to travel Ashiir and become stronger than everyone and so he did. Over 50 years ago he travelled to Stonepine to help defend it, where he met up with a group of travellers there. Together they came up with the idea to help King Ramius the 6th by defeating his arch-enemy Darnag, and so they did. Damysus later married kitra and became general of the King. He leads his army in the north with several allies such as, Laetus, Galak, Tysus; his son and Kitra; his wife. He is said to be one of the most famous generals to ever serve the king. He has become King of the north.


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