Tales of Ashiir

Tales of Ashiir

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Yr. 1450, Ashiir
With all of Ashiir’s global threats subsided, the Ashiirian Council (a group of individuals of various races elected by the people) has overseen the reconstruction of their major cities and villages. In the past 15 years there have been no sightings of Darnag, Ashardalon, or any all powerful beings that could bring global destruction. As for the new heroes of Ashiir, only some sightings have been reported. No sightings of Argamnot, his wife Kayleith or Meraxes in the past 14 years at least. Some sightings of Seraph have been reported to the North but never in the same location. Sightings of Vorn have been reported around the Barovian peninsula. Reports suggest that he resides in Ravenloft with the other Vampires, although Vampire sightings around that area have significantly decreased as of late. As for the former King Ramius the 7th, a funeral was held at Gwenhalla, led by Durothil Faemaer who claims he witnessed Darnag himself behead the King before his very eyes. Durothil relinquished his titles and went into exile in the Elven lands. No sightings have been recorded since King Ramius the 7th’s funeral 15 years ago. Aside from rebuilding, The newfound Ashiirians are attempting to lead themselves into a more promising future. The elves have been helping with the reconstruction and also allowing civilians to reside in their lands as the reconstruction continues. The orcs have even been mining in the depths of Firestorm Peak, in the hot fires beneath it. Free of the Red one’s control they have been aiding the reconstruction of Ashiir by mining metal. Various dwarf clans have also been aiding in the north as well. Although there may no longer be war, crime still finds a way of occurring although much more minor in comparison to the Apocalypse Darnag created. Bandits still cause minor issues around Ashiir. groups of cultists that still follow the Angel of Darkness attempt to carry out his wishes also cause some issues but no world is without crime. The Ashiirian council also has a way of dealing with such threats. The New Ashiirian army was created to stop not only these threats but possible global catastrophes as well. It is not only comprised of just soldiers but now Elven mages, Orcish soldiers, elite archers and crossbowmen, even cavalry which was inspired by Damysus’ northern army years ago. Even groups of Paladins and Crusaders have rejoined the Ashiirian army in hopes of guarding Ashiir and the light from further global threats. Halfing Assassins and even Gnome saboteur divisions have even been added incase of deadly or larger threats. Ashiir has also significantly increased its naval capabilities, creating Ashiir’s first naval battalion. Battleships, explorer ships, large armed transports, even altering spells to used in enchanted Cannons which is something that Ashiir never had before. Ashiir may have some ways to go yet however it is already far better than it was before Darnag’s Apocalypse. The Ashiirian council has proven much more effective than having 1 King and a bunch of advisor’s and Waring factions. Now the people can look forward to a promising future, one perhaps without war or global threats, maybe even one with peace. It seems that my story has come to a close, for real this time, even though we’ve been through a lot and I’m happy to say that this story is officially finished, the end.

Yr. 1436, Darnag’s Cathedral, Ashiir
The mercenaries had returned from their 4 month trip to Rakkora in search of a weapon that King Ramius believed to be buried there. He was correct. Upon the return of the band of mercenaries they were greeted by King Ramius the 7th, Durothil Faemaer, Laetus’ youngest son Seraph, Argamnot‘s wife Kayleith and the son of Lord Neairath; Lord Galant who is now the last guardian. The band were forced to hand over the Yellow gem to the king upon being greeted. The Guardian then informed the group that Darnag has a weakness. With the power to absorb souls and their power those souls must be stored somewhere, in a well of sorts. After a big debate the entire party traveled there in hopes of destroying this well to furthur prevent Darnag from absorbing souls however, the Guardian and the King had other plans. After battling their way to the portal and defeating Kol’Zurad and almost losing the gem, The King, Durothil and the Guardian then forced the band of “Low lifes” as they called them to jump in the well as a sacrifice to bring back the Heroes of Ashiir in an attempt to finally free their land from Darnag. After sacrificing the entire group into the well, not all the heroes were returned, Argamnot, Meraxes, Vorn, a few random people and Ashardalon we’re returned. Immediately Ashardalon destroyed the well with a massive blast of his breath. The king began to ask for Ashardalon’s help as the others reunited with each other. After a long dispute of what to do next, Ashardalon agreed to help the King, in exchange for the Gem. After reluctantly agreeing to The Red One’s terms the King and the Group we’re ready for their final attempt. The Guardian teleported the entire party near the gates of Darnag’s Citadel where the final battle would soon begin. The group began fighting their way through to Darnag’s Citadel which was made easier with the Help of the Red one. Upon entering the Citadel they found Darnag about to battle a mysterious creature which was holding Darnag’s sword which bound Gravestorm. Darnag which had previously absorbed the purple gem from Exordius, looked slightly deformed, his armour had merged with his body and his wings were metallic and his body had a slightly purple glow to it, which was unlike anything the Heroes saw when they last fought him. As the battle broke out, the mysterious creature which appeared to be some all powerful Lich or Queen of some sort commanded that we and Darnag surrender. As the battle continued Darnag appeared defenceless as Argamnot, with the yellow gem in Exordius attempted to plunge the blade in Darnag’s chest however he could not do it alone, Meraxes, Vorn, Seraph, The King, Durothil, Kayleith and even the Guardian all used their strength to help Push the Blade into Darnag’s chest. Ashardalon was busy fighting Gravestorm. As the blade began to pierce his body and go through, everyone soon realised that the Lich queen was using her powers to pull the blade through Darnag which she did. As Exordius with the yellow gem lie in her hands, she dropped Darnag’s other sword and opened a massive portal for which she was about to escape. Before the Heroes could react the portal began to pull everything to it with an immense amount of force. Everyone tried to use their swords, claws, wings, anything they could to prevent themselves from being sucked in. The lich Queen remained still watching the chaos. As all seemed lost, Argamnot started to yell at Darnag who already recovered from his injuries, Argamnot began to beg Darnag to help, to do something, anything. Darnag refused and remained still. As Argamnot lost his grip and began to fall in, all of a sudden he stopped, he was still floating in the air as Darnag used his telekinesis to pull Argamnot to safety. He then agreed to help, and rose up in the air, extended his wings and began to release his full power at the Lich, Ashardalon did the same, using his full power of fire and concentrated all his power at her. The Guardian used the last of his power and directed it at the Lich. As she began to slide into the portal, its intensity increased. The Heroes held on for their dear lives however, Gravestorm latched onto Ashardalon and pulled him in, his sword too and the Lich slid back into the portal with Exordius and the gem. The portal then closed. As the Heroes recovered, Darnag explained that he would never return to Ashiir or cause further harm to anyone in this world, he claimed he would allow them to live in peace as he flew away. Argamnot then turned his attention to the King who sacrificed souls in order for us to defeat evil, which he and his wife thought was wrong. As he started to attack the King, he then asked the group for a sword, which his wife then handed him. The King did not fight back. Argamnot took no hesitation and plunged the sword in the kings’ chest. Just as that happened he and Kayleith felt the light fade from them as their Paladin powers disappeared. Argamnot proceeded to behead the King then took the his sword and tossed it at Durothil who stood in shock. The Heroes then said their goodbyes as Argamnot and Kayleith would travel to far away lands and live in peace. Meraxes would follow them for now but he would also continue the search for his mother. Vorn returned to Ravenloft to search for his master, however he promised to keep the Vampires under control for the time being. Seraph, the last son of Laetus was hoping to avenge his father and brother, instead he turned to exile in the north and trained those who couldn’t help themselves to fight. As for Durothil, instead of making himself King he renounced his position as General and Ambassador of the Elves and returned to his home where he would live out his days in solitude. With Ashiir left with no leader, kingdoms in ruin, the people banned together and formed the first Ashiirian Council. A council that would have members of all races that would now rebuild Ashiir in the image of the people. It would be a land without war, a land united, a land of the free.

Yr. 1435
With the heroes of Ashiir defeated and Darnag’s relentless forces in control of the continent, the thought of his defeat seems rather bleak. However, before the heroes of Ashiir fell, the former King Ramius the 7th hired a band of mercenaries to search the far away lands of Rakkora in hopes of finding a long lost relic only heard in rumours, capable of standing against the darkness that now dominates Ashiir and has begun spreading to other worlds. This group of mercenaries led by a pirate captain named Yotir Kafertu, we’re some of the most quirky, mentally disturbed individuals that may have ever walked on Ashiir. In their expedition, they came across a band of kobold’s and lizard folk, each with a part of a key that led to an underground vault in an ancient dwarvish like ruin. They had to use their wit, cunning and patience to obtain the first half of the key, and their Power, strength and lust of killing people to obtain the second half. With the key now assembled they tracked down the ancient vault and battled its guardian; an ancient elemental like golem. After defeating the golem and opening the vault they found what appeared to be an armor suit with a yellow coloured gem in the chest. Assuming the gem powered the armor, the mercenaries also assumed that it could power a weapon or even a person the same way darnags gem does. We can also assume that the gem is capable of great power, perhaps enough for one final stand against the Angel of Darkness.

Yr. 1435, Darnag’s Cathedral, Ashiir
Darnag has succeeded in his goal, the heroes of Ashiir and all their might and aid fell to the angel of darkness. His grasp on Ashiir has allowed him to further his reach and expand his reign to other planets. Although ashiir has fallen to darkness there are many other places yet touched by evil, where the next breed of heroes will rise up and strike against evil in the universe and we will stand by and await them. Farewell Ashiir.

Yr. 1435, Ashiir
Its been just over 150 years since the death of Ashardalon and Resurrection of Darnag. Since then the factions have changed. War has raged over Ashiir for millennia however this one is far more simple if you will. Light vs Dark. There is no current King, there is just bloodshed. Undead minions have cast a dark shadow across Ashiir as the darkness and corruption spread to the outer reaches of Ashiir with darnag at its center. It is rumoured that he has spread corruption into other worlds as well and for some reason he appears to be far stronger than he was prior to his death over 200 years ago. As for the war, the holy saints of Ashiir are lead by various paladins, clerics and saints, Argamnot and Kayleith among them. The holy saints of Ashiir are not the only ones to combat the darkness, the former armies of the Ramius’ are under the command of Laetus and Meraxes. They gained tremendous fame after the defeat of Ashardalon. But despite everyone’s efforts, the darkness is relentless and all Ashiirian’s face complete annihilation. As for the once called Guardian angels of Ashiir have all but vanished, Lord Nearaith remains but he fights his own battles against the darkness. The elves have all but retreated to their homeland as the surviving ones will soon face off against even more undead. Northern Ashiir is all but wiped out, well wiped out as in everyone who was killed is now under Darnag’s command. With all sides being pressed, people dying, undead rising, worlds being corrupted, Laetus and Meraxes must decide what they will do as Gwenhalla is about to be attacked in a matter of days as a massive army of undead, demons and creatures approach to finish the job. They have but 2 options, die fighting or surrender to the Angel of Darkness.

Yr. 1283, Ashiir, Oxfrost, Stonepine
In their final attempt to bring an end to the war in the north. The group had to get the help of old friends by summoning Soren and Argamnot to their guild base. They agreed to help with the war. The group then met up with Damysus and Kitra in Oxfrost. They then agreed it was time to take stonepine and kill Ashardalon before more lives are lost in this war. In two separate groups, they managed to siege the city. Kitra, Tysus, Tes, Quasimodo and Laetus, along with fellow soldiers from the northern army took to sneaking in the city from the back while, Damysus, Soren, Argamnot, Gillendane and Meraxes took to attacking the front of the city with the help from soldiers from the northern army and of course Doad. In order to distract Ashardalon, Galak took to fighting his brother for which would be his last act, as the heroes attacked stonepine. After then taking the city by storm, Ashardalon then revealed himself along with his allies, Railith and Yorkax among them. After a long and gruelling fight the group defeated Almost all of Ashardalon’s allies and ended up bringing the Red One to near death when it all changed. Soren unleashed everything he had at Ashardalon, even firing Darnag’s soul arrow, to which he had been saving for a moment like this. But soon after Gillendane changed the fate of Ashiir by performing one simple act. He used his remaining energy to resurrect Darnag after his soul was released when the arrow exploded. Previously he had put his fate in the hands of the light, but received no such reward for years of praying and faithfulness. So in turn he brought the one true evil of Ashiir. Darnag immediately absorbed Gillendane’s soul, ending the cleric’s long and enduring life. He let out a burst of magic, knocking those near to the ground. Darnag then turned to ashardalon, and before the heroes could act, he absorbed ashardalons’ soul, restoring darnag to his full power, he then took exordius from argamnot who was hit by the blast, then he disappeared after saying “Iam free…”. This brings us to the end of this story. As for our heroes Damysus, Kitra, Meraxes, Argamnot, Laetus, Quasimodo, Tes, Tysus and Soren, who knows what will happen. With Darnag free once more, the war in the north ending, 2 great and powerful dragons dead, these all raises many question as to what will happen to not only the heroes, but to Ashiir itself. It has been fun following and recording this tale, but now that this one has ended, I will find a new one to write about, farewell.

Yr. 1283 Ashiir, Gwenhalla, Ironlight village, Oxfrost
The Group decided, after forming a guild named Amothar, decided to head to that old kobold village they came across months ago and start to build up their guild there, only to find it had been destroyed, however they built a tavern, sable and outhouse using the rouble from the destroyed buildings. They then took a job for a kobold that required translating to a merchant, who was then burnt to a crisp by Gillendane when she tried to flee without payment. They then proceeded to Oxfrost after finding that a caravan had recently been attacked by bugbears and they thought that they could get in on some supplies in return for a few guards and taking care of the bugbears and so, an agreement was made. Once returning to their village from there travels, Tysus had arrived after receiving a message from Gillendane claiming that Meraxes and Tes had taken an oath to the elves. After a substantial argument the group agreed to a mutual decision that to, in turn for Meraxes and Tes to prove that they revoked their vow to the elves, the group went off to prove so by killing a nearby bugbear general and having Tysus evaluate them. Things got messy with the bugbears as they beat Gillendane to a pulp so Tysus went in to help his former friends. In the end Doad impressed everyone with his strength, the group made a plan to help Damysus in his fight against The red one and help the armies in the south fight off the elves. Tysus agreed it was a good idea however he also said they wouldn’t be able to do it without more allies. The group had decided they were going to contact others for help by gathering the ones who they tell stories about, the ones who defeated the harbinger of death.

Year.1283 Southern Ashiir, Gwenhalla
The group decided to head south to the capital, they voted on trying to make a guild rather than join one. They came across some dangerous creatures on their way to Gwenhalla, including some Giant gorillas, a giant ogre and an adapting brass golem that can change metals. They also met a band of merchants of whom a half elf named tes was apart of. She saw Meraxes, Quasi and Gillendane start to argue over what to do next so she decided to join them. The group also came across a small battle between the King’s men and the elves. This caused alot of problems as they had decided to split up, Gillendane and quasimodo went to help the north and Meraxes and Tes went to the elves. The fight ended withtes and the elves being killed by Gillendane’s fireball, and quasi got killed by the remaining elven mage, however it seems the fight didnt end there. The group made it to Gwenhalla. Quasi met a stripper named Helen who he….well… you know. And the group formed a guild there. But before they could get some rest, Gillendane received a message from Durothil; general of the elven army and ambassador to the elven council. It was a threat and a warning stating that he and the group should watch there back and that 2 people in the group swore an oath to the elves, which will lead to a major conflict in the future, but for now they will continue to build up there guild.

Year.1283, Ashiir (Northern area, Oxfrost and Damy’s training yard)
Our next objective took us to an abandoned town, where some Kobolds were stationed, things got a little frisky between the adventurers and the Kobolds and it turned into a small bloodbath running into an old friend from the Ironlight Guild Boris the bear. After that we decided to head north to find Damysus and Kitra and see if they would help us heal our friend Gillendane. Quasimodo decided to wonder off in the snow by his lonesome, some monk thing I dont know. But the rest of the group came up against some bugbears and later a dangerous shadow dragon named Railith. The dragon attacked in the dark and the group struggled intensely as they tried to even find ways to see the dragon in the dark, never mind trying to hit it. In the end, Nuria was killed by Railith, but she died honourably. We picked our selves up and regardless of what happened we continued on to Oxfrost, where we met Damysus and Kitra. Kitra healed Gillendane, however she wouldn’t revived Nuria, due to the fact that it was better her die with honor than in some other way. We also met up with another woman named Gwyn, a female wizard who had some words with Tysus during his and Gillendane’s drinking time in Oxfrost. The group and Gwyn ended up been taking to Damy’s training yard to see what they were made of. In the end,Gwyn wasn’t made of much and was killed in training, but the group prevailed. Tysus decided to rejoin his fathers army like he promised he would do and put an end to his time adventuring. So with Tysus gone to rejoin the war and Nuria deceased, the group decided to travel off and search for adventure elsewhere.

Yr.1283, Ashiir (Location: 15 on the map)
During our adventure Quasimodo experienced some unpleasant events involving a certain goblin, and on that note Nuria lost the last of her innocence that day. And we stumbled upon the ruins of Olippi the past capital of the north where Quasimodo was kidnapped. After hours searching for Quasimodo, Nuria, Meraxes, Tysus, and Gillendane finally rescued Quasimodo from a horde of Yitts (shape shifting rocks) But at a cost Gillendane lost a small piece of himself while bargaining with some ruffian gang members
After a long nights rest, the Travellers must decide where to go next. Perhaps they will continue to head north, or will they choose a different path altogether.


Im ethan Bradburry

Tales of Ashiir
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