Yorkax_2.png Yorkax is a half red dragon and a son of Ashardalon. He is over 600 years old and has fought beside his father and brothers for many years on Ashiir. He has been wanting this war with his uncle galak to end so he can settle down and start his own family. Although he wants to have a family, he will kill anyone in the way of his fathers goals or his own. He wants ashiir to be destroyed and rebuilt in his fathers image and will stop at nothing to get it. Only then will he settle down and start his family, when all is as it should be.

Name: Yorkax
Class: Barbarian (15), Fire cleric (5)
Species: Half-dragon
Size: large, 10ft tall, 1200 pounds
Speed: 8/16 when flying

HP: 250/ 280 when inraged

Initiative: +4
Immune to Fire dmg, heat effects, sleep effects, disease, mind control and acid dmg
Yorkax’s armour represses his weakness to frost, it is pure dragonite plate mail, on top of the plates are dragon scales of a frost dragon, which are fused to the armour and painted black to cover their real colour.

AC: 39/ 37 when inraged
str = +6/ +7 when inraged
dex = +2/ +3 when inraged
con = +3/ +4 when inraged
Intel = +2
Wis = 0 / + 2 when inraged
char = -2

base Att bonus = +20
melee reach = 10ft

- Dragonite greatsword of fire, +39 and deals 1d12 + 40 fire dmg

- Dragon breath attack, deals 7d8 + 24 fire dmg, 3 round cooldown

- Rage ability 4/ day, can only rage twice per encounter
- Damage reduction – 3
- Trap sense + 5

Whirlwind attack, once every 2 rounds
Power attack x2
Greater cleave
Stunning fist, deals 40dmg and stuns for 1 round
Improved disarm +15
Improved Trip + 15

Rebuke undead
cure minor wounds, heal 1 dmg
command, can command a creature
read magic, read scrolls and books
endure elements, endure hot & cold effects
cure light wounds, heals 1d8 + 5
calm emotions, can stop a raging creature from raging or joyous ones from cheering
hold person, holds one person per lvl, unable to move
zone of truth
Summon monster III
cure serious wounds heals 3d8 + 15 heal
inflict serious wounds deals 3d8 +15 dmg
Summon monster IV
Burning hands, 3d4 fire dmg (fire domain)
Produce flame, 1d6 + 15 fire dmg (fire domain)
Resist energy, resist 10 points of frost dmg for 2 rounds (fire domain)


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