Seraph.jpg Son of Laetus and brother to Azazel. Seraph took after his father and was born to ride. Although he inherited his fathers arrogant qualities and his wanting to be no.1, he fights honourably and with honour, something his brother does not do. He rides into battle on his trusted mount with Damysus’ army and his father by his side.

Name: Seraph
Class: Cavalier
Species: Half-demon
Size: med
Speed: 6/12 when flying

HP: 160/ 185 when in demon form

Initiative: +3
Immune to Fire and poison

AC: 37/ 40 when in demon form
str = +4/ +5 in demon form
dex = +1/ +2 in demon form
con = +1/ +2 in demon form
Intel = +1
Wis = +1
char = 0

base Att bonus = +20

- Dragonite Lance, +27 and deals 1d12 + 15
- Mithril Greatsword, +30 and deals 1d10 + 20
- Claws (demon form), +30 and deals 1d8 + 18

Spirited charge (x2 dmg on mount 3/day)
Deadly charge (x3 dmg on mount 1/day)
Unstoppable charge ( x4 dmg on mount, must use lance, 1/day)
Burst of speed (+ 15 move speed, 3 squares, lasts 2 rounds, 1/day)

Power attack
Greater cleave
Shield prof
Improved shield bash
Tower shield prof
Die hard, awake at -1 to -9 hp
Heavy armor prof, toughness
Trample, mount can walk over downed foes and pin them
Overrun, can run past foes when on mount


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