Elven History

The elves are not native to Ashiir or the land around it. They first appeared on the island off the southern coast of Ashiir in 7000BW, 3000 years after the Giants discovered Ashiir. They came from other lands on this planet and even from other ones. The Elves had thought they were the first ones there, not realizing the giants were already at war with the dragons way in the north. They stayed along the beaches, searching for areas with a clean magic aura to build their homes. They did not find any, so they decided to head back the way they came, they sailed on their boats for days, soon discovering an island of the coast of Ashiir, which they now call home. They colonized it, building their cities and resuming their magical routines as usual, not to say all elves enjoy magic, some don’t, but they accept its part of their culture. Millenniums past and the elves prospered, their golden age reigned far past the golden age of the humans and the land creatures on the mainland. The elves explored their land, built underground cities, surface cities, even cities that are enchanted and float out in the sea. They build their flying ships and land ships and continued to do as they would normally do when discovering a continent. However, after their long and enduring prosperity it had to end. The elves had decided their continent into separate areas with magical borders, each for different types of elves. Wood elves, High elves, Grey elves were all separated from one another, with the high elves taking the majority of the Isle. Other types of elves do exist, however they stayed low and away from all the conflict that took place following the separation. In 209, The war for territory started with the High elves attacking both Grey elf and Wood elf territory. The wood elves decided that in order to win this attack and survive as a race they united against the High Elves and formed a resistance. The high elf leader at the time; Grand General Alinar Elond saw this as an act of treachery and denounced all Wood elf and Grey elf kind from their Isle, and so the war began and continued on till 1214. With the wars end came a time of peace between the elves. With each elven tribes new leaders came an agreement and a discovery. They agreed that in order to settle their differences they each needed a common goal to unite them as a race. Their new-found common goal; total war with the Ashiirians to expand their control over the land.

Due to the conflict between the Elves and the natives of Ashiir, there has been known to be prejudice between them: particularly in the cities of Ashiir further inland. While most of the coastal towns will accept Elves for trading purposes, they tend to be turned away. This is even more common with Half-Elves, who find difficulty being accepted by either group.

There are seven ancient houses amongst the High Elves:

  • Teasen’mitore (Trackers of the Moon)
  • Bannieplith (Holders of the Forest)
  • Maernlylyth (Defenders of the Blade)
  • Heasiraheal (Those Above the Gods)
  • Dwin’arnith (Walkers in Fire)
  • Eylliszea (Land of the Crystal Growth)
  • Kenirurdrenn (Sworn to the Light)

Elven History

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