The Harbinger of death, the killer of kings, wielder of Exordius, the angel of darkness and the rider of Gravestorm. Darnag was known for many things. He was especially known for killing every King Ramius to sit on the throne until the year 1233 when Darnag met his demise. Darnag was not always the death knight people knew him as, he was once a young gifted boy who aspired to do good in the world, he was a servant of the light and a skilled paladin. He had the gift to talk to spirits. From the age of 8 he could communicate with the dead in his sleep. He could hear the spirits calling to him, he could hear there pleas and cries for help. He thought, as a paladin that it was his duty to help those in need, dead or not so he tried various spells to try and help them, any spell he was capable of he used, but it all failed. He asked his old master for help, he was whipped and lashed for even thinking about helping the dead. As a teenager darnag turned out to be a skilled fighter, even his master had said so even when he was a young boy. Although he had gotten older, darnag still struggled with the spirits, they continued to speak to him and beg him to help, but it was not in his power too. On his 18th birthday, Darnag’s master had passed on from natural causes, he was very old, and he only took darnag in cause he saw how much spirit and promise he had and how he would serve the light in his future, well lets just say he was wrong. Darnag went searching for ways to resurrect his master, travelling Ashiir searching for a cleric willing to do it, he failed. He then resorted to burying his master in a cemetery, which is where his life would change forever. He then buried his master and laid by his grave for hours on end, till he met a dark hooded figure who just so happened to be passing through a cemetery at night. Was it a man? some sort of demon? a deity? who knows. The being approached darnag and asked him if he wanted help resurrecting his mentor from the dead, he told darnag he would give him the power to do so if he helped him in return. Darnag agreed instantly. Just then, he fell unconscious.

When he awoke he was in a full suit of armour, he panicked and tried to get it off but he realized that he had skeletal hands. He jumped up and cast a reflection spell and was horrified at what he saw. His skin decaying, his bones were showing and his eyes were glowing. The being had vanished and darnag was alone. He tried casting spells, thinking his new power could resurrect his master, but he failed. He went into a fit of rage and smashed the ground with his fist. Purple magic erupted from his hands. When he looked up, the corpses of the graves were all standing there, zombies, waiting for him. Even the corpse of his master was there, standing there but darnag wasn’t scared, he knew for some reason they wouldn’t hurt him. Beside his masters grave lie a sword, darnag picked it up and drew it. It was surrounded by darkness. The sword was named Exordius. Darnag looked around, angry, lost, hopeless, then he looked at his hands, glowing with magic. His sword was glowing with darkness and the corpses stood there, waiting, he looked at them and then a huge grin appeared on his face as his eyes began to glow with power.

Darnag then took to raising an army of undead. Raiding villages, towns, resurrecting the dead for his army. In the year 486 he found a man who took a fancy for the dead, he was obsessed with corpses. Darnag infused him with power and he would become Darnag’s first skeletal reaper. With his army Darnag marched upon one of the most fortified cities in Ashiir; Gwenhalla. He forced his way in with the thousands of undead he has amassed and charge right into the castle and fought King Ramius the 1st head on. The king was no match for Darnag’s power but managed to hold his own for a short time. Darnag was just about to finish him when the kings dragon burst through the walls and launched darnag across the room. Darnag stood up, looked at the massive black dragon who was ready to attack, and then the king who had just got to his feet. The dragon lunged for darnag but he was too quick. Darnag threw Exordius at the king and shot a netherblast to accelerate the sword. Exordius impaled King Ramius the 1st and the dragon took darnag out of the city. Darnag knew he wouldn’t be able to defeat the dragon in the open field so he tempted the black dragon, who was lost and saddened without his master and King. So he manipulated the Dragon into joining him and infused it with the power over death. The dragon would be known as Gravestorm. Darnag had a new sword forged and bound it to Gravestorm, so he could command him without effort. Years later darnag had slaughtered thousands of people across Ashiir, elves, orcs and humans alike. He would then discover a mage during this time who was held captive by the elves for committing serious and dangerous crimes and so he decided he was worthy of immense power. So Darnag granted him power over death. This man would then be named Kol’Zurad, the second and most feared skeletal reaper.

Years later darnag continued to raise undead by turning the living into his minions. His new master, the hooded being from the graveyard, would sometimes appear and converse with darnag is his realm, perhaps giving him orders or just paying him a visit we do not know. Darnag came to realize, if he were to completely destroy the light and conquer ashiir he would need to create more beings like him, but ones that he could command. Darnag set out finding people who had done or would do terrible things for the right price. It was then that Darnag created worshippers of darkness, people who would do anything to destroy the light; Anti-Paladins or Dark- Paladins. Darnag had chosen 5 people and infused them with great power over darkness. Laetus was one of them. Darnag then continued to kill kings, every time a new Ramius sat upon the throne for a duration, they would meet a terrible end. There would be nothing they could do to stop it, most of them wouldn’t even know that darnag was coming to destroy their kingdom however, darnag would always wait till the king had a first born son so he could continue killing the Ramius line. But in 1233, Darnag’s reign came to an end. He was killed by a band of heroes who were sent by King Ramius the 6th to finally bring an end to the darkness. He was killed by Damysus, Kitra, Vorn, Argamnot, Soren and his own Anti-Paladin Laetus. His armour was taken, along with his sword and his soul, which is now sealed away in a soul arrow guarded so Darnag may never return. Gravestorm lives on and follows a new proclaimed death knight now, but will Darnag ever return? Let us pray that he doesn’t.

Since Darnag’s return he has amassed another army if you should call it that. Legions of undead, creatures and devastating monstrosities are now under his command. He has also revealed it to some that he is indeed an angel, well more so an undead, destructive one, capable of nothing but evil. Since Ashardalon’s defeat and Darnag’s Resurrection he has become so powerful that even certain deities and gods don’t want to risk their lives to save not only Ashiir but the several other worlds that his corruption has spread to. Many brave groups of men or soldiers have tried to sneak into his cathedral and kill him but they failed to even get there. In fact they didn’t even manage to exit their own city before they lost their lives. Darnag’s plans are much more evident and known now, total annihilation of anything living. But he wont be doing this all on his own. He has his most trusted allies with him. The most dreaded and feared of the two reapers; Kol’Zurad, who stands at his right side with the other reaper on his left. You can forget Gravestorm. Whilst still under the command of Darnag, he is roaming Ashiir wiping out the living and turning them undead as his master commands. There is but very little time before Darnag annihilates the remaining Ashiirians and then starts shipping his countless legions to other worlds which we have confirmation that that has already begun. Death is all but immanent for those that remain, it is only a matter of time until Darnag marches upon Gwenhalla, where the few remaining forces of soldiers are stationed to combat the darkness. Prayers are out to those that remain, and at this point that is all you can do. Pray and hope for death to come swiftly.


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