Ashiirian History

Ashiir a land known as a place of war, evil, and all else was once a barren land, untainted by monsters, war, or any beings at all. It was the giants who first discovered Ashiir, sailing from a far away and as of yet unknown land. Most made camp in the North: the snow, mountains, and bitter cold became home to them. Other giants turned to the East, and warmer climates, while more still went south into the mountains. The estimated year for this first landing is around 10000BF (Before War). In modern terms, this would be around thirty-thousand years ago. Despite being very long ago, humans and other races still existed only they lived in other words, realms, and planes. After the giants landed on Ashiir they quickly discovered it was, for the most part, uninhabited, save for the creatures which sustained the land, like wolves, birds, and some fey. The giants saw themselves as kings of this new land, they would soon be proved wrong.

As they explored more and more of Ashiir climbing higher, digging deeper, sailing farther across the Northern Seas and Eastern Coast they made a discovery that would change the course of history for over a thousand years. Deep in the heart of what is now known as Froststorm Peak, a dragon was found. His name was Galak. An elder dragon of immense size and power. More powerful than even the greatest of giants by far. He was awoken from his long slumber that took place far from anything else on Ashiir. With the awakening of one of their own, other dragons began to come to Ashiir, in search of refuge like he did. Instead, they found which would become their mortal enemy, the giants. Thus a war began between the giants and dragons began that would last for generations.

Thousands of years of war passed, and Galak realised that the giants held powers far beyond their abilities in the past. They built great catapults to launch powerful fireballs, and had adopted a violent form of magic; psionic magic, which allowed them to gain supernatural abilities such as breath of fire or acid, just like dragons. They were now immune to attacks on the mind, able to transform their skin into their surroundings, and generally perform physical acts that would otherwise have been impossible.

Galak, being the sole elder dragon on Ashiir, began to mate with the others, lesser dragons that remained, breeding an army of his kind to fight the giants, all in an attempt to regain balance in the land. However, the magic which the giants used only attracted other races: humans, elves, orcs, and more. Ten thousand years after the giants had landed, around 10000DW (During War), a greater evil arrived. He was the brother to Galak his twin to be exact and had his opposite power. Ashardalon was a dragon of pure fire, a tyrant, more powerful than even Galak and possessed a talent for destruction. He made the eastern mount of Firestorm Peak his lair, and joined the fight, not to aid his brother and fellow dragons or to aid the giants, instead he wanted this land for himself.

With war raging around them, the other races of Ashiir decided to take sides. The orc clans, those with fire in their hearts followed Ashardalon. Others did not. Some humans sided with the giants of the North in attempts to fight the dragons who were destroying their villages and homes. With Galak and Ashardalon fighting each other, and the giants fighting both, it seemed that there was no end in sight. All the people of Ashiir were fighting in an attempt to claim this once-peaceful land as their own. They would fight for another ten thousand years.

In the year 9000AW (After War), a thousand years after the continental war came to a close with no side close to victory. Ashiir finally began to rest. The dragons fled the land, the giants slowly dwindled in numbers, and the other races went their own ways: humans took to the south; the elves colonised an island off the coast of Ashiir, creating great dynastic families; the orcs continued to build their strongholds and fight amongst themselves; and the lizard folk turned to the marshland. Other races gradually made their way to the land, and settled all across the land. As the dust settled on a post-war Ashiir, the new populous realised the darkness that lurked there. Demons began to appear more often, and ancient necromancy and dark magic returned. Vampires appeared, and the oceans became things of fear as stories were spread of whole ships being swallowed by the deep. The people of Ashiir became aware of the threats that opposed them: greater in numbers than the dragons, and nearly as powerful.

They did not let these fears stand in the way of building great cities, prosperous villages, and generally building up the land. The people of Ashiir built up numerous standing armies, training new soldiers every day. With this prosperity, many of the dangers of Ashiir went unnoticed by most. In the first year of this new era, Year 1 as it is now known (roughly thirteen hundred years ago), the first king was coronated. The ceremony took place in the largest city in Ashiir: the capital, Gwenhalla. King Vane, the first of his line and name, would come to be known as the Defender of the Just, and the Liberator of Ashiir. Many more noble kings and queens would follow him.

Ashiir has been around long before the giants landed, impossible to determine
Giants landed on ashiir 30000 years ago (roughly) from current date (1283)
10000BF, Before war
10000DW, During war
10000AW, After war
1283 current date

Ashiirian History

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