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  • Queen Elinor

    Queen Elinor was a High elven princess, born of the Elvish lands to the South. She was married to King Ramius the Sixth, and was accidently killed by her son, Prince Falgon. She had three children: Prince Ramius the Seventh, Prince Falgon, and Princess …

  • Nuria

    Abandoned at birth, Nuria - a half-demon - was left at a crossroads on the outskirts of Trona. She was discovered by a retired cavalier and his wife, who happened to own a farm nearby. They took her in, but kept her secret from the town: demons, even half …

  • Gwyn

    Gwyn was a young court mage who ended up wanting to seek adventure. She was in Oxfrost and she tagged along with the group of travelers to [[:damysus | Damy's]] training yard. Sadly she didn't make it out alive. [[:nuria | Died like a bitch]]

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