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  • Kitra

    When Kitra was young she was a devout follower and believer in Jaaris but she decided to travel instead of remaining in a temple her whole life. She met up with this group of travellers over 50 years ago and heard they wanted to kill the ancient death …

  • Tysus

    Tysus, born during the summer of 1251. He wanted to wield a sword and be just like his [[:damysus | father]] from the time he could walk and talk. He chose to neglect the magic teachings of his [[:kitra | mother]], as well as avoiding his studies, to …

  • Gwyn

    Gwyn was a young court mage who ended up wanting to seek adventure. She was in Oxfrost and she tagged along with the group of travelers to [[:damysus | Damy's]] training yard. Sadly she didn't make it out alive. [[:nuria | Died like a bitch]]

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